What are the most significant aspects of Google Lively for you?

Submitted by Isto Huvila on Fri, 12/19/2008 - 13:50


Please participate in a short scholarly survey on Google Lively http://survey-3.istohuvila.fi/index.php?sid=11279&lang=en


I am conducting a study on the significant aspects of Google Lively. The purpose of the survey is to map the most significant perceived aspects of Google Lively service for its users. The data will be used to enhance understanding how virtual 3d environments should be documented and what should be told and archived for future generations. We know a lot about 19th century society and the ways of how, for instance, the Romans lived because certain materials and documents have been archived and preserved from those days. 


My study attempts to map what would be significant to preserve for the future of Google Lively and similar services in order to tell the coming generations about the service and how we used it. 


The survey is a part of the Academy of Finland research project "Library 2.0 - a new participatory context" conducted by Dr. Isto Huvila (Department of Information Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland). 


The individual answers will be processed strictly confidential. The data is used only in the mentioned academic study and it will not be handed over to any third parties. All informants will remain strictly anynomous. This study is not affiliated with Google, any provider of similar services or any other commercial actor.


More information about the project may be found at http://www.istohuvila.fi/library-20 and at http://www.library2pointoh.fi


For further information, please contact me at 

Isto Huvila, Ph.D. 

Information Studies 

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