Semantic wiki as a digital archive

Submitted by Isto Huvila on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 13:23

My article Semantiska wiki som digitala arkivsystem: samlingar, ärendehantering och deltagande has been published in Informaatiotutkimus, the peer-reviewed Journal of the Finnish Association for Information Research.



Archives and records management presents a series of requirements to informationsystems that distinguishes them from content and document management systems.In spite of the often fundamental differences, some of the approaches and functionsimplemented in the content and document management systems could be usefulin archival and records management contexts. This article discusses the usabilityof semantic wikis in the management of archival information. The discussion isbased on a series of development projects conducted in Finland. It appears thata semantic wiki has potential especially in the management and use of digitalsurrogates. There are some technical and especially major theoretical issues relatedto the use of semantic wikis in records management. It is concluded, however, thatthe principles of wiki approach could serve as a useful reference in discussionsrelated to usability, access and rights and practices of participation in the contextof archives and records management.


Full text of the article is freely available in Swedish at