Library 2.0 2.0

Submitted by Isto Huvila on Mon, 04/26/2010 - 09:13

Outi Nivakoski, Maria Kronqvist-Berg, Gunilla Widén, Isto Huvila. Foto: Kim HoLmberg

Foto: Kim Holmberg


 The Bibliotek 2.0 – deltagarkultur i förändring symposium arranged by the Library 2.0 research group of Åbo Akademi University in Åbo was a successful event with a lot of good discussion on social media and participation in libraries. One of the most striking aspects was the change during the last two years after the previous symposium held in Åbo in April 2008. Two years ago it was a lot of talk about technologies, possibilities and very basic concepts while now the concern was more focused on work already done and what might be achieved by social media and new approaches to libraries, information and librarianship.