Learning and Research in Second Life (2.0) @ AoIR 9.0

Submitted by Isto Huvila on Wed, 10/15/2008 - 11:41

I am participating (S)econd year a row in the Learning and Research in Second Life this time organised in Copenhagen just before the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Internet Research 9.0 conference.

Whereas last year the discussion focussed somewhat on all the wonderful things you could do, this year the focus of the discussions seem to have been floating on and about some very serious issues such as real/virtual, formal and informal learning and SL as a learning space or a place for communication. Perhaps next year we are going to get the answers, or more likely even more fundamental and advanced questions.

Pathfinder Linden having keynote

Update: All in all the workshop was again highly interesting and certainly gave new insights and raised some interesting for future research and planning of education activities.