Mapping Our Heritage: Towards a Sustainable Future for Digital Spatial Information and Technologies in Archaeological Heritage Management @ EAA 2017

Submitted by Isto Huvila on Tue, 02/21/2017 - 06:24

The enormous increase in digital spatial information has led archaeologists all over Europe to rely ever more on digital data to prepare and carry out archaeological research, both in academic and heritage management contexts. Spatial information, collected by archaeologists since the implementation of the Valletta Convention, is increasingly used to guide heritage management policies, from urban design to rural planning and tourism, for example through geo-design. Furthermore, spatial information is more and more employed to involve the general public, using digital technologies in museums and other places of archaeological interest, but also to involve amateur archaeologists in data collection programmes using crowdsourcing.

Issues of sustainability of digital data repositories, accessibility and reliability of data, standardization of data formats and management of property rights are currently widely debated inside and outside archaeology, but have not yet led to generally accepted practices of data management across or even within European countries. The development of appropriate tools to access and present relevant spatial information to heritage managers and general public is still very much in the stage of exploration, focusing mainly on project-specific contexts, often with a short life-span. Both aspects however are crucial for the sustained use of spatial data in European archaeological heritage management over the next decades. In this session we want to invite papers that present solutions and reflections on how to develop sustainable approaches to data management and spatial technologies for archaeological heritage management and link those to the broader contexts of planning, design and public involvement.


Main organiser: Philip Verhagen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Co-organisers: Niels van Manen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Loup Bernard, Université de Strasbourg, UMR 7044 ArcHiMedE; Isto Huvila, Uppsala University

Session format

Session, made up of a combination of papers, max. 15 minutes each


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Deadline for submitting paper proposals March 15, 2017

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