Libraries, archives and museums: changes, challenges and collaboration

LAMC3 brings into focus the current changes and challenges experienced by publicly funded libraries, archives and museums, the so-called LAM institutions. Budget cuts, digital technology, cultural policy requirements and new patterns of use are among the conditions that have resulted in major changes since the millennium.

Studies within the respective fields have approached these conditions, yet questions concerning the united field have yet to be adequately addressed. Research collaboration across the fields is needed as the common challenges bring into question how the LAM institutions maintain their legitimacy, approach their traditional functions, such as collection management, as well as respond to new patterns of participation. These challenges appear to be redefining their missions, yet also presenting opportunities for institutional collaboration and convergence.

This project aims to strenghten the LAM research and elicit greater understanding of the common issues faced by LAM institutions by organizing and carrying out the following main activities:

  • Researchers and stakeholders from each field take part in three workshops
  • International research proposals will be initiated
  • Two research publications will be edited by the core group of researchers

In line of the focus, the workshops will address the following themes: identity and legitimacy (Copenhagen, March 2019), collections (Uppsala, October 2019) and participation (Oslo, March 2020)